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Cost of changing tier

Valued Commentator

Cost of changing tier

My current subscription (HomeHub) comprises 4 tiers - World News, Education, Entertainment & Chinese Entertainment. I wish to drop World News and replace with Lifestyle.


Will there be any fee or charges for this change? My contract is still current.



Grand Guru

Re: Cost of changing tier

As long as you have subscribe to a minimum any 3 Basic tier.  No extra charges &or fees.

You can also do consider a better channels in choice.

Refering to the  HD Packs  also consider as basic.

Meaning, any of the HD Packs  or  any 3 Basic tier.

Check in this link;



To change &or add the subscribe channels, do contact  HOTline 1633  CS,


Alternately, if having problem in calling the HOTline;

Do write your details to the link, for assistance.

Click on "Ask an account related question".




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.

Valued Commentator

Re: Cost of changing tier

Thanks Eric! Smiley Happy