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Channel 825 bromance wrong episode

New Commentator

Channel 825 bromance wrong episode

Wrong episode. Watched this episode last sat. Today should be episode 5
Community Manager

Re: Channel 825 bromance wrong episode

Hi Tracy

The episode shown on 2 January was repeat of ep4. We will re-schedule ep5 this Saturday, 9 January.

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Grand Guru

Re: Channel 825 bromance wrong episode

Sometime the episode may not arrive and for view in time, another episode may take over.

Take the advantage of certain function on the remote control to check on the episode number.


From what i know and have gone thru, most drama series &or episode do have repeat.

You can check using your remote to check on the episode number.


You can view which drama episode number using remote control.

Using the "Guide" on the remote control, then select the drama.

Then enter to see "Option" and select  "More show times".

From here, all available episode for the week are listed, include episode number.


I always use this method to pre-select and record once per episode number.

That is how i will not miss any episode.