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BPL is coming back to StarHub!

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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

Hello KaiBoon

Thank you for your reply and clarification. Strong disappointment here, thought it was a good news but now it not. There's no win win situation for SarHub customers and maybe ST customers as well, $59.90 cost a bomb, I don't think many will go for it. For me, for sure wont go for it.  Anyway I will stay with StarHub and continue to wait..

Not to forget, I want to say a BIG thank you to MDA and ST..! Your done a very good jobs..! Smiley Sad

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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

HI Eronec,
I Believed Most Of us very disappionted by TIS BPL Event Pricing Charge By SINGTEL .Even STARHUB cannot do any changes which is Fix charge by SINGTEL!!!.Perhaps we as Comsumers got no choice.I don't understand why CASE and MDA Not inclined to speak regarding TIS issue which unfair for the consumers.By the way I'm bit lucky able to watch TIS BPL on my MIO Tv under my old MIO SPORTS PACK BUNDLE WHICH include more than 80 Channels.I hope there no Lag or Interruption during watching live match on my MIO Tv Set-Up Box Again...%+[ REGARDS AZAMAN JANTAN.
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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

Hi Azaman, 


A big sighed.. I still burning when friends talking about this topic, I just not happy at all! Like you say we and StarHub cannot do anything, it is StarHub? Can you voice out StarHub? 

At the end, no one benefits for this Cross Carriage BPL, but ST them self. **bleep** it! Seems all BPL fans like being cheated by ST & MDA. As for SatrHub, I not sure are they.. Having Cross Carriage or not all the same. 

Abang Azaman, if possible you able to share whet ST letter here when they sent to you. I like to know what the hell excuses the say. 

Thank You..

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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

Hi StarHub Community and BPL fans

As all of you know, StarHub will cross carry the upcoming BPL seasons. Our BPL offerings will be unveiled this week.

Stay tuned!
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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

Hi KaiBoon, 


Offering? What offer? Cheaper price? 

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Respected Advocate

Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

I thought the price is already being fixed at $59.90 per month , so what more can Starhub still do ? Haha ... I really wonder ...


But ... , Just a Suggestion : If it is really possible , can make it $59.90 per BPL Season per year instead of $59.90 per month ( which is really ridicious ) and with the option to terminate anytime ( e.g after 1 year or after 1 BPL Season ) WITHOUT any early termination charges ! Thank You !

If really that's the case ( $59.90 per BPL Season per year ) , then I guess it will be much more acceptable ! Please do kindly consider my Suggestion ! Thank You !

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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

So its confirmed that bpl will cost $59.90?

if so this is really a total joke and rip off. Last season i paid $30 and now its $60. So will the season after be $120?

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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

Please don't forget that Starhub has no say in the pricing at all.

SingTel owns the rights, they decide the price.

When you subscribe, you don't pay to Starhub but to SingTel.

Read the FAQ please. You will receive the bill from SingTel.

Didn't you all notice that Singtel actually caused the price to increase by outbiding starhub for the rights years ago so as to earn more market share?

I am trying to convince my parents to terminate their 15-year old Singtel mobile lines in protest of this.
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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

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Re: BPL is coming back to StarHub!

I guess its true that football for some is more important than life and death. Which is why you see the unhappiness and all the swearing and cursing.


However to put things into prospective, this is a business decision for ST. And ST didn't bid for BPL out of the goodness of their heart. They did it to make money. So did they outbid and overpay for BPL for the last contract? Probably yes. But they calcualte that the cost-benefits analysis is still good for them.


And with this cross-carriage thing, its get complicated. Now ST have to ensure that the program is carried on SH STB. They need to get the techincal set-up in place to do that. All these cost money. And to make things worse, they need to pay a fee to SH for showing BPL on SH STB!


So should it be surprising that we are staring at a hefty price increase? Steep as it may be, its still a business decision for ST. They set the price they think consumers will still bite; and will give them a sufficient retrun on their effort.


So if enough consumers decides that they are not going to pay this $59.90 per month price, ST eventually will have to re-do their sum and set it at the price level that more people will subscribe. Its basic demand and supply. 


Unfortunately, knowing BPL fans, while many will complaint and rage about it, in the end they will cough up the cash and pay up for their BPL fix.  Yes some will stop subscribing but enough will continue to do so to convince ST that they do not need to drop the price.


At the end of the day, each subsciber must decide if the price of watching BPL live is worth paying $59.90 a month for.