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vpn access limited since Jun2013

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vpn access limited since Jun2013

Previously I'm able to login to my company VPN and able to read email, work on SAP and company intranet. But since June 2013, I can only read my company email after logging in to VPN, and not able to work on SAP and intranet.


Have check with company IT, the vpn profile is still the same, and I've tested using handphone tethering and access VPN, all is working fine (SAP, intranet, email). So I suspect Starhub might have do something at the backend recently that prevent the connection for my company VPN to access SAP and intranet.


Pls advise


Re: vpn access limited since Jun2013

It is unlikely that we did anything to block VPN
We staff work from home using VPN as well

However, please check the following first:
1) The ports and protocols required for your VPN (Ask your administrator)
2) Whether your company firewall blocked our IP (Ask your administrator)
3) Check that you did not accidentally disable IPSec, PPTP Passthrough, and L2TP Passthrough on your router

The thing about VPN, it is difficult to troubleshoot because we don't have access to your network.

After you have checked on the above, please raise a case via


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