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Very Slow speed compared to yesterday

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Very Slow speed compared to yesterday


Yesterday I previously had downloads speeds of 70Mbps, but now I'm stuck with less than 7Mbps. Please help to resolve. I believe Starhub have capped the speed on their end.


The wifi router has been restarted/reconfigured, my laptop restarted, network card on my laptop un/installed via device manager, i checked all physical connections


I am checking my speed on a laptop that is only a few centimetre away from the wifi router. I am checking my speed via: I also have pictures of the results being more than 70Mbps yesterday compared to now:








I am using a DLink DIR-850L as my wifi router


Grand Guru

Re: Very Slow speed compared to yesterday

Hi  @AngryUser


Starhub do not accept speedtest using other speedtest result.


For Starhub Speedtest, do visit this link to select the Cable broadband;

Also, Starhub do not accept wifi issue as this is due to router.

Starhub accept only wired speedtest.


How To Perform Speed Test


Do select according to your type of connections, Cable.


Do the speedtest by using LAN connect between Modem and computer.

Then do the same between Router and computer.

In this way, it will able to check on which devices is having problem or not.


For Modem speedtest is problematic, do take note on the result.

Check below of the modem and look for the MAC id, do take note.

Contact HOTline 1633 and select Technical dept.

Provide the technician on your MAC id for Cable broadband and request them to reset, restart, whatever; as you are having connection issue.

Provide them info that the speedtest prior to the slow connection.


Should you require further assistance, do write to the forum staff to follow-up.

Please submit and provide with the following information;

Registered subscriber name, NRIC/FIN number, Modem MAC id, Speedtest result (as attachment), and any other details;

PM @Jolene_L   to assist and look into your case on this matter


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




I am not Starhub staff &or related to

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Re: Very Slow speed compared to yesterday

Thanks a lot for the information.


I tested the wifi router which was still very slow(~7Mbps), then i connected directly to the modem and my speed test shot through the roof (800Mbps on starhub-although other speedtests say it is ~200+ but still happy)!

I'm not sure how to fix the bottlenecking

I don't think it is an ethernet issue. i replaced the ethernet with the one i used when connecting my laptop to the modem. After doing this, speed testing the router still gave the same slow result. I even reset the router (press reset for 30 sec) and still the same slow result


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Re: Very Slow speed compared to yesterday

I have another router I was using as an access point connected to the main wireless router. I decided to factory reset both and swap them around without changing any settings (so they both act as wireless routers, no access points). Both work great now. wired connection giving me 830Mbps without me actively trying. I don't understand, this shouldn't work at all but I'll concede defeat and ignore understanding why
The main question I have is, with a wired connection I can have 830Mbps but with wireless (and the laptop only 30cm away from router) it is only 110Mbps, is this supposed to be normal? I know wireless connections are weaker but this is a big difference
Alumni (Retired)

Re: Very Slow speed compared to yesterday

Hi @AngryUser, it could be a possibility that there may be some issues with your router. Do contact the router manufacturer for assistance. Thank you. - Sofia

Grand Guru

Re: Very Slow speed compared to yesterday

Hi  @AngryUser


Yes i do agree that 110 Mbps is too low for laptop next to the router wireless.

As being next to the router should be having close to the max based on your laptop.


My plan is 500Mbps, and still able to reach slightly above 200Mbps as my laptop is max at 300Mbps.

Even the range is a wall between main router to laptop in my bedroom.

Currently, i have 2 router DIR-868L, and one router is set as wireless repeater.

The speed from the main router > ONT to the wireless repeater router is 866Mbps.

So i use LAN cable to connect from the repeater to laptop with speed to be able to reach 500Mbps without much problem.

Using 5GHz band should not have any issue as most electronic devices use 2.4GHz band.


You can do a separate test if you have another same router, your friends, colleague, to test if it is due to laptop.

But then i don't think the problem is laptop, more on DLink DIR-868L router.


It seem that whenever i shop in places like Sim Lim Sq, there are no such router on sale.

Hence, it seem that Starhub have bought the whole stocks, with possible much higher rebates.





Alumni (Retired)

Re: Very Slow speed compared to yesterday

Hello @AngryUser,


It seems your router may be encountering some hardware issue, as such do contact D-Link at 6501 4200 [press 2] and they will be able to assist you accordingly. 


Thank you 

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