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Starhub Cable Broadband not working !!

New Commentator

Starhub Cable Broadband not working !!



I am using Starhub Cisco Cable broadband for the past few years,


Today I encountered the modem not functioning normal,


US LED blinking and no wireless internet,


I tried restarting the modem, reseted once, 


I am also using Starhub Samsung HD TV box, also today i noticed the channel icons missing but can view the channels, but no info ?! also restared few times but no success,


Strange, never happened earlier like this , usually if it happens internet will work after restarting the modem, but today i cannot use internet from evening after i retunred from work,


I tried calling the hotline mentioned in the website and forum , but very long waiting but cannot get any support person to talk,


So need your help to guide me and fix this ..

Community Manager

Re: Starhub Cable Broadband not working !!

Hi, we apologise for the delayed response due to high volume of enquiries. Please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address, service address and mobile contact number HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you.