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Speed and intermittent disconnect issues

Honored Commentator

Speed and intermittent disconnect issues

Its been almost 2 weeks since I reported to starhub about the intermittent disconnect and slowliness in ny 50Mbps maxonline broadband. Ticket ref # 1-78685639765. The issue started almost 3 weeks ago.

It was confirmed to be not related to my modem or router, as the helpdesk confirmed their network team is investigating some noise issue they are seeing which is coming from area in and around my building. They say some illegal device is causing this and still cannot locate where it is coming from. I am in Hougang ave 9, street 92. Didnt specify what is meant by "illegal device".

Could anyone post here if you are seeing similar issues too with your broadband from this area or anywhere else.

I would need to cancel my contract and switch carrier if the resolution to this is going to take longer. So far i am missing any meaningful updates from starhub than calling me and saying its still being investigated. Thanks
Senior Commentator

Re: Speed and intermittent disconnect issues

Same here, i have been experiencing frequent disconnection and limited access for nearly 1 month now.

So frustrated and i am now using my friend's singtel broadband otherwise i would go crazy and really want to consider of switching to another service provider. Btw, i am staying at Sengkang

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Re: Speed and intermittent disconnect issues