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Recontract issue for my broadband

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Recontract issue for my broadband

I'm mad with Starhub service...


I recontracted my starhub broadband during the pc show (07-06-2013), via handphone by scanning the QR code "Beat the Queue", and took the 100mbps cable home broadband @49.90 and recontract my SCV.


Things that was promised by the sales guy that call me up after the registration via handphone were:

- Free 6 months subscription fee for the 100 mbps broadband

- Free cable modem

- Free activation and installation

- $30 Robinson voucher for the cable broadband recontract

- $30 Robinson voucher for the SCV recontract


On Tuesday, the cable modem was delivered to me, but sadly there is screw up somewhere and they given me Motorola SBV 5121 which can only support up to 30mbps.

I called up Starhub customer service 2 times (on 18 and 20 June) and went to to Plaza Singapore Customer Service 1 time, and was told that they will get the Sales person to call me back.

Till now the sales or customer service never return call to me....this is sad....i just realise that the service is getting worse nowaday....


Eventough upgraded to 100mpbs service....but I can only use 30 mpbs because of this screw up....


Someone PLZ help, thanks in advance...


Best regards,


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Re: Recontract issue for my broadband

Hi Wisman,

Maybe you can give KaiBoon a pm and he can assist you. I will alert him of this issue as well.
I am not a staff from StarHub. My post does not represent StarHub in any way.
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Re: Recontract issue for my broadband

i just drop KaiBoon a pm...

waiting for him now

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Re: Recontract issue for my broadband

Hi Wisman

I will reply you via PM.
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