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MaxOnline Plus? Wireless in public areas? LTE?

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MaxOnline Plus? Wireless in public areas? LTE?

Hi I am a current subscriber on the MaxOnline Ultimate Plus plan - chose to stay on it because it gives me the best speed package then for getting online at home and on the go (i.e. the MaxMobile 7.2 Mbps plan for free).


I noticed that the plan has 'disappeared' from Starhub website - is the plan now no longer in place? If so, are current subscribers informed accordingly and what are the options for switching to other plans?


For this I have a major gripe because actually every year the customer service relations office usually calls every year about asking me to sign up a contract. However the info on file just lists me as a Ultimate plan user (not the Plus plan), and the package proposed always omits the use of the MaxMobile service for free. As such, I never signed on, and the customer service officer who then supposedly would check this, never gotten back to me.


I am also unable to get online via the Starhub wireless service in public areas e.g. airport, using my Starhub Hub ID even though this is activated on my profile.


I find this an opportune time to consider signing up, but hope someone can look into these.


Incidentally, would subscribers be automatically hooked onto the LTE network e.g. iPad when it is available, or would this require additional charges and turn-on procedures?

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Re: MaxOnline Plus? Wireless in public areas? LTE?

Hi Fenghuo


Please leave your contact details @ and let us do a check for you.


Thank you.

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