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First world technology..third world service

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First world technology..third world service

Chronology of event

1. 20 Dec 2018- call 1633 abt erratic broadband and home phone connection

2. After online consultation and checks, was informed modem was faulty, told to replace modem at own costs as warranty expired

3.After modem replaced, problem still persist

4. Call 1633, and visit by technical team was arranged. Request to expedite as nd the connection to call and monitor (cctv) elderly mom who stays alone.

5. Technician came and carried out test and verified fine that moment.

6. Problem resurface shortly after technician left.

7. Call 1633 again, explain to the technical staff all over again the history

Ask to carry out joint testing which require someone to be present at site. As no one was around at that time test cannot be carried out. A date was arranged to carry out this test

8. On the schedule test date, Starhub did not come or call

9. Call 1633 again. Again hv to retell the whole story to the staff on duty what happen. Another technical visit was scheduled.

10. When technician came, verified the problem is at starhub backend system.

Told by technician that starhub will follow up

11. Days gone by, no call by starhub

12. Call 1633.Again need to retell the entire history.Was promised that a senior staff will call.

13. When he finally call , i was not able to answer immediately, however when i call back the given reply

14. Call 1633 again...and again repeat the entire process of explaining..

15. Another visit was arranged..on the day of visit, receive sms to remind of pending visit

16. On that scheduled date...i waited...and waited. After scheduled time of visit about to expire and still no technician..decide to call 1633..Heart almost drop when told no technician available to attend. Was informed that a manager will call and another visit will be arranged


Today, 30 Jan 2019...problem still not resolve.




Community Manager

Re: First world technology..third world service

Hi Ismaja


I am really sorry to hear about this. Please provide us your registered name, registered mobile number and Hub ID/email address by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < for me to arrange for assistance.


Thank you.


- Jackson

- Jackson