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Finally two years is up - I can quit Starhub!

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Finally two years is up - I can quit Starhub!

Been two years of never getting the speeds I paid for - about once I month I run 7-8 different speed tests from different web sites vs Starhub's own "speed test" tool on their site for international speeds.




24 months - average speed 1.7Mbps when run on external non-biased testing sites

24 months - average speed on Starhub's "speed test" - 65Mbps

24 months - Paying for speeds that were supposed to be in the 100Mbps range


My view - 24 months x 1.7% of what I paid for >> means I should get 98.3% of my money back.  It won't happen so looking forward to new installation of fibre via one of the new 3 alternate providers coming in 3 weeks then I can cancel my plan and move on.


If any Starhub reps do read this - I would entertain understanding why you cannot deliver on paid contracts.  Why you charged me for home phone and sent me a new model - then when I hooked it up it didnt work - then when I called your rep just said - oh, that wont work on your line - too bad.  But couldnt change my plan back.  Been counting the days to move to a new service.


Luckily I travel 60% of my time so enjoy high speed internet provided at most major hotels in Asia which more then beat the Starhub speeds.


For anyone asking - why is the speed so slow - and expecting a fix.  Don't expect it - it is slow because they don't care and feel you have to stay with them.  Customer service doesn't care.  It is slow because they feel they can just keep it slow - doesnt matter which plan you pick - all the same service (slow) so go with the cheapest plan possible.

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Re: Finally two years is up - I can quit Starhub!

Congrats!!!!! Yup, they probably don't give a s**t.  

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