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Ending of Cable Service

New Commentator

Ending of Cable Service

Despite assurances by your spokesman back in 2016 that cable sevice would be available until at least 2020 it now appears you have taken the regrettable decision to end cable broadband by June 2019.


I was previously offerred "free" fibre point installation by Starhub, however when I tried to have this installed I was then told it would be necessary to pay Singtel (?) over $2000 first for making some pipe connection out in the street. It appears my house is unsuitable for fibre without major expenditure being necessary... This was after I had already incurred expenditure having my internal cable conduits checked by an external contractor, as requested by Starhub. 


As a starhub customer since day #1 more than 20 years ago and having a house that is unsuitable for fibre connection, can i ask what alternative broadband packages you are willing to offer customers who are being forced to stop using cable..??





Alumni (Retired)

Re: Ending of Cable Service

Hi cmdsea


Thank you for writing to us with your concerns. Have your queries been attended?


Please reply with your registered name, contact number, service address and Hub ID / email address for verification by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < and we'll assist you from there. 


- Amy