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End-of life for SB6100 cable modem

Valued Commentator

End-of life for SB6100 cable modem

i had called your customer service hotline 1630 regarding end of life for SB6100 cable modem.


the customer service personnel, Ken, had advise that if i don't change the modem, the 100mbps i'm paying for will be cut to less than 20mbps.


to me, any upgrade on the service should not impact the customers. I had BOUGHT the SB6100 modem for $199 (NOT FREE), and due to the upgrade i need to be FORCE to re-contract for another 2 year to get a free modem or PAY $199 AGAIN for a new modem if i don't re-contact.


i'm currently with a maxonline ultimate plus plan.

re-contract is not a choice as i'm heavy mobile broadband user with average about 40gb usage a month.
current mobile broadband plan is not able to support my usage or i have to pay alot more.


so buy a new modem?

what can i do with my old modem?

throw away since starhub wants it to be dead?

hey, it is still working fine.


i'm a loyalty customer with all 4 starhub services.
having the maxonline broadband for more than 10 years.

my maxonline contract end in the November.

so what are my choices now:
1. pay early termination charge since i'm so disappointed with starhub now?
2. pay $199 for a new modem?
3. continue pay $110.20 for 100mbps but get less than 20mbps?
4. force to tie up with another 2 years to get free modem

    throw away old modem

    pay $49.90 promo price for 100mbps

    pay $51 for 11GB mobile broadband

    $6.42/GB for excess data, capped at $64.20/month

    Total $163.10 per mth from my current usage


please advise what another option i can choose.


Valued Commentator

Re: End-of life for SB6100 cable modem

5. use 3000 starhub rewards point to redeem the new modem

(too bad, i only have 2319 points now, wait for another 4mths should have 3000 points. this 4mth pay $110.20 for a less than 20mbps broadband speed)

New Commentator

Re: End-of life for SB6100 cable modem

I'm also in the same situation, do not want to recontract with starhub.


forcing consumers to recontract or getting a new modem is too over i feel, the service was upgraded once and many change modem to accomodate the service, but now another time? You mean we have to pay again to get our network working at normal speed?