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Call Divert Plus - Remote Control?

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Call Divert Plus - Remote Control?

I've been a Digital Voice user since the beginning with subscription to Call Divert Plus. In the past, I was able to control the Call Divert Plus by dialling 68221310 followed by the access code e.g. *44* followed by PIN*my digital voice number*number to be diverted to#


Two days ago, I tried using this to no avail although 68221310 along with 67201310 and 68201310. The numbers are still active but the call terminate prematurely or I get an error message half way through saying the request is unsucessful. I contacted StarHub to reset the password and used the default password without success either.


Is this service still available? Version 3.8 of the user manual has removed reference to this service. Is there anything else I can try?


Many thanks.


P.S. I call support twice and received 2 different answers. The first said that I could try the different numbers and helped reset the password and the second said the remote access is not longer available.

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