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Cable to fibre

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Cable to fibre

Hi, we are currently on a cable broadband plan, and we've just received a promo letter to switch to fibre.

We will actually be moving to a new BTO in 6 months time, therefore if we are to switch to fibre now, will we be incurring any relocation charges, and how much will the relocation charges amount to?

Alternatively, if we choose to switch to fibre after our move to our new BTO, does that mean we will not incur any relocation charges?

Finally, what happens if we don't switch to fibre by 30th June 2019?


Alumni (Retired)

Re: Cable to fibre

Hi alkoh


Thank you for sharing your concerns.


In this case, I'd recommend that you stay on your cable broadband services at this time until you move to your new location. This will indeed save on relocation charges. 


If you don't switch to Fibre after 30 Jun 2019, you'll not be able to enjoy your broadband services thereafter. 


- Amy