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300 MB quality of service

Senior Commentator

300 MB quality of service

Hi there,


I am experiencing very slow connection on a 300MB fiber plan on both wireless or LAN cable.

Geographical Area : upper serangoon crescent - block 470B - Punggol- hougang area


Since I have subscribed to the service, I have actually never reached the 300MB even within Singapore servers. Is this because I share my fiber with other residents ? 


Thanks to advice








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Android™ Expert

Re: 300 MB quality of service

Hi chrix99,

Just to clarify, what do you mean by you share your fiber with other residents? Do you mean you share by letting them access your WiFi?

In any case, make sure that all LAN cables that you are using are at least Cat 5e, which supports up to 1Gbps. Any cables that are Cat 5 (100mbps) will limit your user experience.
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Re: 300 MB quality of service

What I meant is, I wonder if as a resident of a HBD flat : do we share the
same pipe running through the building right ?
Assuming for instance that I have 30 residents subscribed to Starhub Fiber
Plan, do we have each a dedicated fiber or do we split the capacity between
us ?

Just saying that because when I moved in 5 months ago, the speed was much

I am not sharing the WIFI with my neighbourhood.


Home Networking Expert

Re: 300 MB quality of service

You should get full 300Mbps on LAN cable... but since I'm from the area and I know that address (upper serangoon cresent) just completed very recently, you'll want to check if it's line quality problem.


When you say you can't get full 300Mbps even on LAN, are you consistenly (on LAN) getting 90-99Mbps), if yes, I'll first check your computer network card or LAN cable first since this indicates between  your router and comp it is running (likely) on 100Mbps instead of 1Gbps, you need 1Gbps to get your full 300Mbps.