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unstable wifi 2.4, using dlink router D868L

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unstable wifi 2.4, using dlink router D868L

Hi there


I have the starhub 1gbps fibre broadband plan with a dlink D868L router (since APR2016).


In recent months, it has been starting to act up, the 2.4ghz connection drops off every now and then, and connections used to be stable in certain areas, no longer are. I suspect its due to 2.4 wifi congestion but I do not know. 


I recently updated my firmware to the latest 1.21SHC from the dlink website, but I am not sure if this has helped in anyway.


Also, my router seems to 'reboot' every now and then which is extremely annoying.


Any help or tips would be greatly apprecaited. THanks!

Grand Guru

Re: unstable wifi 2.4, using dlink router D868L



When you did the update firmware, did you update to version 1.10 before 1.21 as stated in their notes.


You may have to contact 1633 direct to Broadband Tech support line, not cs.

Inform the tech support staff that you are having intermittent connection.

They can check your connection at their side and follow their procedure, if any.

Call them when you do have access to your ONT and Router.




i am not starhub staff.

Community Manager

Re: unstable wifi 2.4, using dlink router D868L

Apologies for the delayed response due to high volume of enquiries. Please PM us the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address, service address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance.