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MaxOnline Cable Broadband Slow Access Basic Troubleshooting

Hub Master

(1) Are you on wired or wireless connection?
Wireless Go to (3)

Wired Go to (2)


(2) Please go to and perform 3x bandwidth test.
Are you getting at least 60% of the subscribed bandwidth?

Yes Go to (6)
No Go to (4)

(3) Please perform a wired connection to the modem.

Does the issue still persist?

wired 2.jpg
Yes Go to (2)
No Go to (9)

(4) Are you using splitter?

Yes Go to (5)
No Go to (7)

(5) Please bypass your splitter and connect your cable modem directly to the cable point.
Does the issue still persist?
Yes Go to (7)
No Go to (8)

(6) Your results are within specification. For our typical speed range, please refer to this page 
typical speed.png 

(7) Please leave your details over here and let the Customer Service Team assist you further.


(8) Please purchase a new splitter from our StarHub Retail Store as it might be faulty.

(9) Please check on your wireless settings. You can read this for more information on wireless bandwidth.

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