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MaxInfinity (Fibre Broadband)

  1. What is the Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network?
    The Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) is a nationwide fibre network that aims to deliver high speed broadband of up to 1 Gbps to all physical addresses in Singapore including homes, offices, schools and government buildings. Next Gen NBN users are expected to enjoy high upload and download bandwidth that will translate to ideal streaming experiences and low network latency. Next Gen NBN coverage is expected to reach 60% of homes by end 2010 and 95% of Singapore by mid 2012.
  2. Who will offer the NGNBN service?
    The NGNBN is structured into 3 layers : the Network Company (NetCo), the Operating Company (OpCo) and Retail Service Providers (RSPs). The NetCo will lay the passive network infrastructure, while the OpCo will operate the active electronics to provide bandwidth services to RSPs like StarHub which, in turn, will provide retail services to end-users. IDA selected OpenNet Pte Ltd as the NetCo in September 2008 and Nucleus Connect Pte Ltd as the OpCo in April 2009.
  3. Will MaxOnline customers be migrated over to MaxInfinity Access Plans?
    No, it is not compulsory for MaxOnline customers to switch to MaxInfinity. They can choose to either continue on their existing MaxOnline Access Plans or switch over to MaxInfinity Access Plans subjected to their eligibility.
  4. What is the difference between MaxOnline Ultimate and MaxInfinity Ultimate?
    MaxOnline is transmitted over Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial network that provides Fibre-to-the Node (FTTN). The fibre connection terminates at the node which is located less than 1km away from the home. The coaxial cable wiring continues the connection from the node into the home.

    MaxInfinity is transmitted over Next Gen NBN that provides Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH). The fibre connection terminates within the home.

    Though the transmission of data network and fibre network is different, data transmission speed between FTTH and FTTN is less than I nanosecond. MaxInfinity is recommended for users who perform multiple bandwidth intensive applications that require high upload speeds.
  5. I’ve been a MaxOnline customer for many years. Why am I still subject to a new 12 months service contract?
    As a RSP, StarHub will need to buy wholesale network services from Nucleus Connect in order to provide services to customers via NGNBN. As part of this arrangement, a minimum subscription period of 12 months is required. This is independent of our MaxOnline service that is provisioned on our own HFC network which is a separate network from NGNBN.
  6. I am shifting to a new house. Why am I still subject to all the charges even though I am still subscribing to MaxInfinity at my new home?
    As a RSP, StarHub will need to buy wholesale network services from Nucleus Connect in order to provide services to customers via NGNBN. As part of this arrangement, there are administrative costs incurred for terminating the fibre service at your previous home and activating the fibre service at your new home.

    Nonetheless, we are pleased to waive the Early Service Termination Charge out of goodwill specially for you for one relocation.
  7. I am currently a MaxOnline customer. Am I eligible to upgrade to a MaxInfinity plan?
    Yes. You will be able to upgrade to Next Gen NBN subjected to certain terms and conditions. There will however be a new 12 months service commitment.

    More details will be provided at a later date.
  8. I am currently a MaxInfinity customer on a promotional contract. Can I downgrade to a MaxOnline Access Plan?
    Yes. You will be able to downgrade to MaxOnline service. However, all Early Termination Charge(s) will apply.
  9. I do not have the Termination Point (TP) installed. Can I subscribe to MaxInfinity?
    StarHub recommends that you contact OpenNet to have your TP installed. Once your TP has been installed, you can call our sales hotline at 1630 to sign up for MaxInfinity.
  10. How much are the 3rd Party Charges and what are they for?As the termination point is provided by OpenNet, any charges incurred will be passed through to StarHub, as a RSP, to charge our customer. In cases where you have missed the initial rollout by OpenNet, the charges below will apply.
    • HDB - $220
    • Landed - $450
    • Cabling - $33 per 5M (For situation above first 15M)
    • For every connection - $5
    • If patching required at MDF room - $160
  11. When will my residence be fibre ready?
    The detailed rollout schedule and plans are available to the public on OpenNet’s website. You can check your rollout schedule (by quarterly period) by keying the address postal code at the following link
  12. Where can I get more information on Next Gen NBN?
    The following links will be useful to get additional and up-to-date information on Next Gen NBN:
    IDA Website:
    OpenNet Website:
    Nucleus Connect Website:
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