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Launch of Symmetrical Bandwidth


What is symmetrical bandwidth?

It means that your download bandwidth is the same as your upload bandwidth.


For eg. Before the upgrade, a 100Mbps fibre plan comes with upload bandwidth of 50Mbps. After the upgrade the upload bandwidth will be upgraded to 100Mbps same as your download bandwidth.


Why is StarHub boosting upload bandwidth now?

Demand for upload bandwidth and speeds is increasing as more customers are relying heavily on online video and photo uploads, cloud storage services as well as running on multiple devices or users. We are boosting upload bandwidth and capacity for our fibre home broadband customers at no additional charge in order to meet their evolving surfing habits while bringing them greater value.


Additionally, we have enhanced our fibre product proposition to offer all-day unlimited international bandwidth and on top of that, assure typical international download speeds during peak hours.


What can I do with higher upload bandwidth?

You can now share the upgraded upload bandwidth across multiple devices and users to upload and share pictures, videos, large files up to the internet or to your cloud storage simultaneously without compromising your surfing experience.


Why didn’t my upload speed improve after the bandwidth upgrade?

The actual upload speed that an Internet user get is often less than the user's bandwidth because the user's surfing experience is affected by factors like Internet traffic, hardware (computers with underpowered processors, under specification network adapter and under specification wireless adapter), software (browser or application), and destination servers (with thin bandwidth pipes and under specification servers).


For more information on factors affecting speed please click here. <hyperlink to: >


Is there any bandwidth meter for upload speed testing?

Please go to this link ( to test your fibre broadband.


Will existing StarHub Fibre customers enjoy symmetrical bandwidth also?

Yes, we are upgrading the upload bandwidth for all existing fibre customers in phases starting from the 1st of June. All existing customers will enjoy symmetrical bandwidth by the end of September 2013. You will be notified once the upgrade is complete.


Do I need to switch off and on my modem?

Customers do not need to do any special set-up on their end. Maintenance upgrades will be conducted during off-peak hours from 2am – 6am. There will be a 3 – 5 minutes of network interruption. If you face a network interruption during these hours, please wait 5 minutes and try connecting on again.


Would StarHub be revealing the typical upload speeds for the relevant plans? 

Publishing typical upload speeds is not required by our regulators at this point in time.

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