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Home Networking: Technical set-up in a 2-level home

Alumni (Retired)


How can I improve the wi-fi connection in my 2-storey house?


#1: Connection via Structured Cabling (Recommended)


It is recommended to utilise Cat5/e cables to connect to other home networking devices within the home.



This is recommended for customers renovating their homes as it involves surface trunking or concealment of cables behind false walls or ceilings.


A wired connection is less likely to be subjected to interference and eliminates the need for additional equipment configuration or power supply.


2-level Home Set-up


#2: Connection via WiFi Extenders

Use a pair of wireless devices to extend the converage of your WiFi connectivity.



This is recommended for users requiring more mobility and flexibility in where they utilise their Internet connection at home.


Simply plug in the WiFi Extender into a power point anywhere in your home without the need for additional cabling.

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