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Tue, Apr 14, 2020 12:00 AM

Tips for Disinfecting Your Electronics and Gadgets




As we are in the midst of an ongoing spread of COVID-19, everyone is advised to stay home and avoid touching their face. People are also making sure to always have alcohol, sanitisers, and anti-bacterial soaps to get rid of any germs they might have gone into contact with their hands. But as you wash your hands several times a day, it’s also essential to clean your electronic devices and gadgets to ensure that you are protected against the coronavirus. Now that you are stuck at home, now’s the ideal time to that. Here’s how you can safely clean and disinfect your electronic devices and gadgets.


Keep a stock of microfibre towels.

Based on a study, microfibre towels are said to be more effective at removing dirt and germs than traditional cleaning fabrics. How? Traditional cleaning fabrics and chemical cleaners can’t pick up every bit of dirt and often leave behind residues. On the other hand, microfibres are able to penetrate cracks better which removes and kills bacteria and germs from the surfaces of electronic devices and gadgets. traps dirt and liquid in its fibres.


Clean with disinfecting wipes.

Recently, mobile companies such as Apple and Google have updated their websites with proper instructions on how to sanitise their devices. They say disinfecting wipes can be used but make sure to only wipe the hard surfaces like screens gently. Take note though when cleaning with your disinfecting wipes to avoid getting liquid in the ports. Despite most phones are now water-resistant, that resistance wears over time. Also, avoid excessive wiping, which may cause damage to your device.


Sanitise with an alcohol solution.

If you can't get your hands on disinfecting wipes, you can use a 70% isopropyl alcohol to clean your electronic devices and gadgets. Do not use pure alcohol as it might damage your phone and strip off its oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings. You may use a spray bottle to lightly moisten a microfibre cloth with the isopropyl alcohol and use that to sanitise your devices. For hard to reach parts, you can use Q-tips but it's best to use lint-free foams to minimise residue.


Buy a UV light sanitiser.

Perhaps you can consider investing on a UV-light smartphone sanitiser if you are anxious about missing any germs on your smartphone. These UV light sanitisers are essentially tanning beds which use blue light to sanitize a phone over time instead of using disinfectant or some other liquid to kill harmful bacteria and germs. Though it was specifically made for phones, you can even use this to clean and disinfect other small objects such as watches, earphones, and many more. Unfortunately, this is pretty pricey, but if you want a peace of mind then this would be worth every penny for you.


Now that you know how to clean and sanitise your electronic devices and gadgets, do this as part of your daily routine since you are holding them most of the time. Moreover, your devices will be shiny and clean and using them will be a healthier experience.


~ Carla



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