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Sun, Nov 10, 2019 10:00 PM

Maintaining a good contacts database using Google Contacts

Everyone needs a good contacts database. With good house keeping, create and maintain a good contacts database. Best of all, it can be synced with an Android device. Access online via and no longer fear loss even in the event of a device loss. Suggestions:


  1. Relationships - Enter relationships so you can put a contact in context
  2. Dates - Add DOB, anniversaries or other significant dates. It will appear in Google Calendar so you can send them a greeting. Makes you look good :-)
  3. Custom Field - Create your own custom fields e.g. Chinese characters, favourite food, hobby
  4. Notes - Record whatever you like
  5. Category - Make it a point to categorize every contact e.g. Tennis, Alumni, School, Work Place etc. This is useful to help you put the person in context
  6. Picture - Add a picture to help you remember what they look like
    It's worth investing time to get the contact database updated and cleaned up. In the event of the loss of a phone, just a get a new one, synch and you are back in business.
  7. Phone numbers - Use the correct format e.g. +65 12345678. Tag them correctly i.e. work, mobile etc.
  8. Addresses - Enter these consistently and tag them correctly i.e. work, home etc.

A useful app to have Contact Lookup Fast via Google Play
It allows searches across all fields in contacts. Worth every cent :-)

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Howard Toh



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2 y ago

I am really guilty of keying the context / category directly into the name field.But yes, I cannot stress enough to friends and relatives to always store the contacts on Google.

I use both Android and iPhones so I opted to use Google as my default contact account on my iPhone too.

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