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Tue, Dec 15, 2020 7:11 AM

How to keep your Laptop cool while using it?

How to keep your Laptop cool while using it?

Laptops have long surpassed desktop computers in popularity. However, anybody who has spent a few hours on a laptop knows that the biggest problem that laptops have is that they run too hot. It’s a frustrating problem, right? If a laptop stays hot for prolonged periods of time, it can overheat, slow down, or become permanently damaged. That’s why it’s recommended to keep your laptop stay cool. So, whether or not you're experiencing an overheated laptop, you should follow these precautions below to keep your laptop cool and working properly.

Power Down your Laptop

As soon as you feel that your laptop is starting to get too hot, save your work, close all of the programs running, and shut it down. Leave it off for just a few minutes to cool down. If it begins overheating again, you may have to follow the steps below. And if the issue persists, you may need to have your laptop checked.

Buy a Laptop Cooling Pad

The compact design of laptops limits their good airflow, so it’s recommended to use a laptop cooling pad that has fans. You simply place the pad on whatever surface you’re using your laptop on, then you put your laptop on top of the pad and turn it on. The pad’s fan will direct air to the bottom side of your laptop, thus cooling it down.

Place your Laptop on a Table or Desk

Do you use your laptop positioned atop your mound of covers or between your legs on your bed? If yes, you should stop now! The best bet to set your laptop is on a desk or table when possible as placing it on a harder surface will ensure that airflow can travel under the laptop. Floors, even hardwood, aren’t ideal locations for laptop placement.  

Keep your Laptop Clean

In case you didn’t know, most laptops have exhaust fans to aid in cooling. However, dust and debris can block the vents of the fans which will impede airflow to help cool down a laptop. So, it is better to always clean the vents. The easiest way to clean the vents is to blast them with compressed air. You can also go over the vents with a slightly damp (not wet) cloth.

Change your Laptop’s Settings

There are settings on your laptop which you can adjust to make sure that it’s running at optimal temperatures. This includes lowering your screen’s brightness, ensuring nothing is plugged in that doesn’t need to be plugged in, and closing applications that you’re not using. Lastly, double-check your laptop’s power management settings, where you’ll find options and pre-determined configurations that will maximize saved energy.

These tips should help keep your laptop cool while running. However, if your laptop is several years old and keeps overheating, you might just need to buy a new one instead.

~ Carla



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