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Sun, Mar 14, 2021 3:24 PM

Era of Mesh Routers - Linksys MX 4200

Linksys has launched another iteration of the mesh network routers, the Velop AX4200 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 6 System (MX2400). I believe the market has created an era of mesh wifi that is ready to balance the performance and cost of these amazing routers. Im excited to be using 2 pack mesh system with a single router.

Whats in the box?

Linksys has taken the approach of a clean white approach with blue accents, to follow classic linksys style. Other than the router, it comes with many county adapters, Setup Guide, LAN wire and the instructions in Chinese

Physical Outlook


My first impression was that this is a huge box router as compared to the mesh Wifi routers. Look at the gigantic beast placed together with the TV console. I wish Linksys has a dark version to visually make it look smaller and perhaps blend with my home theatre system.


At a closer look, its form is not just a regular box, it starts orthogonal at the top and curved at the base, which I find really sleek. In terms of design, I would have preferred the placement of the USB 3 port to be at the bottom end rather than the top as I do not link the cables to be dangling around. The power cable would have been better to be those hidden recessed type below the router.




Current setup

Dream setup. (Hope Linksys considers. Hint Hint)


 MX 4200 Package

Rectangular curved design

Setting Up

Setting up this router is relatively easy via Android or Apple phone. All the steps are easily laid out in simple steps via clicks and minimal inputs as shown in the screen shots below.



My current layout is a 90sqm 4room unit, with smart home hubs, lights, speakers, a few google home max(s), smart home theatre and computer peripherals in all rooms. Lets see how this WiFi 6 is put up to the test.

Residential Overall Plan



 Above is the heatmap showing the signal distributed across the house showing eddy of areas with low signal. This is apparent in the toilets and far end of the kitchen. Perhaps this is due to the blockage of large inbuilt furniture in the house.


Take note that these heatmaps are taken about 30 minutes apart. Each result are taken at an average of 3 readings at 3 locations. From the readings I can see that the signal emitted is stronger from the Child node. I assume this is because I directly plug to the wall plug. You can see overall the improvement of the WiFi. Im now free of most “log signal spots”!

Well these results don’t come easy as I seek Linksys online chat for help to optimise the wiFi 6 signals. The customer service was patient and impeccable trying to check all the possible issues to get the most wiFi speeds and reduce all the possible “dead spots”. The results are listed below.

Wireless speeds that I obtain in the house. Previously I only obtain 100+MBps downloads. Now I get about 3 times the speed


This is the results I get from the wired connection from the Child Node. Amazing speeds since the Child node can also cater for another 3 more LAN ports!


Tips from Linksys online help

I got this tip as I spoke to the customer service to optimise the router setup. Go to the bottom right of the main router setting page and click on CA

Once you click this, somehow you unlock some extra features like the Wifi Settings

Unlock ability to control the 2nd 5GHz band somehow!



MX 4200 has definitely improve the WiFi signal in the house with increase speeds of using WiFi 6. This is possible though device prioritization (suppose to work like QoS). Request in the comments below if you wish to know more about the capabilities of how WiFi 6 can achieve this. My mobile battery life has significantly improved due to this WiFi 6 device prioritization too.


MX 4200 has made setup very fast and simple for a person like me who just want technology to work seamlessly. There are still options to tweak the settings, but the pro users might find the customization options might be too limited as compared to other routers.


The size of this router is larger than I expect. For those who have height limitation on their shelves or compartment will have some issues in storing the router as it works best upright. Currently there is only 1 color option. I was hoping there will be a dark option like the previous Velop series.


For those who have been waiting to upgrade to a mesh WiFi, I believe this is a good time to upgrade as the technology has reach an optimum point to balance performance and cost. Let's all try this new StarHub Smart WiFi Pro Linksys MX 4200.



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Thanks for the detailed review @Khai ! The heatmaps are really interesting and love your TV console set up! 

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