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Sun, Dec 21, 2014 2:00 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

This is Samsung's new phone in galaxy Note range. The specifications are almost similar to Note 4. It runs on the latest Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB RAM.  It comes with an enhanced S-Pen, 4G+ which can give you data speeds of upto 300Mbps, advanced multitasking options. The phone feels more classy than my S5 with the leather effect plastic. The phone is a bit more wider than the Note 4 because of the edge screen. The important feature is the curved display on the right.

The Edge

The edge display is more than just a gimmick. I have been using this phone for few days and found the edge display very useful. The display on the edge can be customised for many tasks. You can put your favorite apps on the edge so you can just tap to launch them. It is very handy when you want to launch apps using one hand. Notifications can also be displayed on the edge screen. The curved edge gives the phone a distinct classy look. You can even display your own custom message on the edge display. Apps will not use the edge display for displaying main content.



Other cool thing about the edge is it can act as a night clock. You can set the timing when your 'Night Begins and ends'. So you don't have to turn on the display to see the time.



You can have a stop watch or timer or even a ruler on the edge display.



When you are using an app and recieves a call, the name of the caller willl be displayed on the Edge screen and you can accept or reject the call by swiping the the edge display so it won't take any of your screen space unlike other Galaxy phones.

There are additional panels that can be downloaded and displayed on the edge display. News feed, data usage are some of them. Availability of third party Edge panels are yet to be proven. You can scroll through the panel by swiping the edge display. S-pen works on the main display and the edge display as well.

Adaptive Fast Charging

Another attractive feature of Note Edge/Note 4 is the fast charging. I was able to charge the phone 20% in 8 minutes. This is good if you are rushing out and need some juice urgently. Take note this only works with the chargers with fast charging capability. Other chargers will not do the trick, even the old Samsung ones.


The phone comes with a 16 mega pixel rear camera and a 3.7 Megapixel front camera. When using camera the shutter button is on the edge display so it is easy to snap pictures.



When taking selfies you can just tap on the heart rate sensor below the main camera to capture. The OIS works pretty good. I have to say the selfies taken using front camera is much better than S4/S5.



S Health


Compared to S5 S health can now measure oxygen concentration and UV exposure from sun.




One of the drawback of the Edge is the power button is on top of the device as there is no place on the right. After using S5 for long it is a bit inconvenient to use the power button on the top to turn off the screen eventhough you can use home button to wake up the device.


The edge is on the right so it is not left hander friendly. The battery life felt shorter than my S5 on my regular usage. Because of the curved screen you won't be able to use bumper phone cases. Also USB 3.0 from Note 3/S5 was downgraded to USB 2.0.


The phone comes with a fingerprint scanner located on the home button. The speaker is more louder than S5.


If you are thinking of upgrading to a Phablet with a premium design this phone will be a good choice. The phone costs $799.00 with 4G 3 plan and $1085.00 without contract from local retailer on 21st Dec.


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wow 16 mega pixel camera! 

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