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Sat, Aug 12, 2017 7:00 AM

Reasons why Linksys MAX-STREAM EA7500 AC1900 MU-MIMO Wireless Router is my main router.

Recently, I have received a new Linksys router to replace my 3 years old DL-868 router. After a month of usage, below are the reasons why I prefer the new router.


1. Setting up of the router: 

a. DL-868: For the set up of the router, I would need to connect a laptop to the router. This involved me to connect a LAN cable from the laptop to the router and this have to be near the modem as well. The set up would also required me to log in via router in order to do the relevant set up.


b. EA7500-AH v2: The set up was a breeze. I just need to connect the router to the modem, download the Linksys app on my mobile phone. I need to log in the default wireless set up of the router via the app. From the app, I am able to do the relevant set up of the router like naming the SSID and password setting etc.


2. WIFI coverage area:

a. DL-868: I do have some dead spots at my place like the Master bedroom and Bedroom 2. I would have to use a wifi extender in order to have WIFI coverage in the rooms.


b. EA7500-AH v2: I am surprised that the rooms that usually I have difficulty getting the WIFI coverage, I managed to recevie a steady WIFI signal. Hence, my WIFI extenders are now kept in storage. The router does provided a very good WIFI coverage around my whole apartment. I am impressed. 


3. Multiple Devices Connection:

a. DL-868: I do have quite a number of devices connected to the WIFI network at the same time, from phones to tablets to TV. Hence, sometimes, I do experience lagging or device unable to log on to my 5GHz WIFI network. In order to solve this issue, I would need to reset the router at times.


b. EA7500-AH v2: With the new router, I noticed that I do not experience lagging or devices unable to log on to the WIFI network.


Hence after a month of usage with the Linksys EA7500-AH router, I am pretty pleased with the router performance and I am most impressed with the Linksys app which I am able to set up the router without the need of physically connecting a laptop to the router. With the above 3 reasons, I am happy to going to use it as my main router from now on.


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