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Tue, Oct 22, 2013 12:00 AM

My Review: StarHub Mobile’s FREE HD Voice Service

[This post can also be found on my blog]


Did another video with my wedding photographer pal, Jiahe, again (after a long time). Nope, not a wedding video. That you’ll have to wait a little longer for! :D


This time we did a short video about StarHub’s HD Voice service (which is free for all StarHub Mobile subscribers with a HD Voice-enabled handset).


Watch the video and find out what I’d be like as a housewife (not pretty I tell ya!). LOL! But discover the benefits of using a HD Voice-enabled mobile phone – which include fewer misunderstandings and happier wives! :D



HD Voice, or High Definition Voice, significantly reduces background noise during your call, so it’s great for people who make calls on-the-go or from a noisy office/home/nightclub(?). :D You’ll probably never hear the other party asking “Where are you? It’s so noisy in the background!”


And the best part is… this service is FREE. Enough said.


StarHub Hd Voice FAQ HERE.


*Thanks to Jiahe for posing as my “husband” with the hilarious expressions! :D When he’s not working with me on videos and blogposts, he’s a professional wedding photographer at Hearted Moments.



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