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Sun, May 4, 2014 11:00 PM

Make8 Windows 8 App Challenge



Microsoft Singapore is holding an App Challenge for Windows 8, together with the upcoming //publish/ hackathon. Details as follows:-




Over the past few months, we’ve held several successful app challenges on our Windows Phone platform. Today, we’re excited to announce our next initiative, the Make8 App Challenge! Held monthly, Make8 offers local developers a chance to make a difference on our Windows platform, for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone.


This month, we’re hosting 10 challenges targeted at Windows 8, but we’re definitely excited to see developers leveraging our latest Universal Apps platform to share their innovations to Windows Phone as well. Furthermore, to celebrate the inauguration of Make8, we’ve taken in several popular app ideas – heavily requested by our Singaporean Windows 8 users – which are ripe for development. Who knows, one of them might just become our next Top App! Last but not least, our top prize for Make8 is the hot, new Nokia Lumia 930 – when it’s available in Singapore.


The Make8 App Challenge will be happening from the 1st to 31st of May, 2014! So what are you waiting for? Take up the challenge here, today!







Check it out here.

For materials, training materials and resources for coding for Windows platforms, feel free to PM me.

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