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Wed, Oct 30, 2013 11:00 AM

LG G2: Top 5 Unique Software Features

LG's overall sofware User Interface seems to have followed Samsung's approach by incorporating an endless numbers of software. Only in G2, the speed is running in steriods with efficient battery usage. Aesthetically, LG’s skin isnt as cartoony as Samsung’s TouchWiz.  Resembling nothing like stock Android, the G2’s been skinned with LG’s own icons and menus, topped off with over-the-top transition animations that dont seem to slow it down.


My favourite software features (only unique to LG G2) are explained in the video clip.
1) LG Knock On
2) Unique screen caption by Quick Memo
3) Multitasking by native Q-Slide and Slide Aside
4) Guest Mode
5) LG Cloud and Wireless Storage
G2 is also compatible with the latest Google.apk where you can use voice commands in Google Now. (see video at 8:54)


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