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Sun, Jun 14, 2020 2:00 AM

Google Keep

Are you one of those that use a notepad, post it, to keep track of ideas, to dos, shopping lists or even to store those brain waves or ideas that might pop up, only to find that you cannot find that correct page, note? Or have you come across that inspiring quote/ paragraph take you would like to use for an article or assignment? You reach for your phone to snap a picture for later reference and use. Then having to type it out ... Well there is a better way with Google Keep.


Google Keep is an underrated app that is really useful. Here are some features:


  1. Take notes
  2. Add labels
  3. Create To Do/ Shopping lists
  4. Change the note colour so that you can have a system e.g. grey for facts, yellow for to do/ shopping lists, green for ideas etc
  5. Share notes/ to do lists with others
  6. Convert an image into text
  7. Drag and drop notes into Google Docs so you can get a headstart on that article or assignment
  8. Google Keep works with Android, PC and Chromebooks and they can be synced so all devices are kept up to date
  9. Google Keep notes can be searched using Google's powerful search function. Never lose that note again :-)
  10. Google Keep note can be accessed on a Chromebook, PC via


Here's a useful application of shopping list:


  1. Imagine you have a relatively long shopping list and pressed for time
  2. Create the shopping list using Google Keep. There's an option for lists with check boxes
  3. Share this with your team members
  4. Allow them to add or remove items for the upcoming project
  5. Go shopping and assign each team member items to put into their shopping cart
  6. As items are collected, they can be checked off. Allow Google Keep to refresh so that all team members will be in sync
  7. In no time, the job is done!


Imagine you come across an interesting quote/ inspiring paragraph in a magazine/ bulletin/ bill board or wherever. It may come in handy for future article or assignment:


  1. Using your Android device, take a picture of the relevant section. For best results, limit this to a small section e.g. one paragraph. Try to get a clear picture
  2. Insert this image into Google Keep
  3. Use the Grab Image Text feature
  4. Do properly, you will have the image now in text form
  5. Check that this has been done to your satisfaction. Note there may be errors depending on image quality and how the text is presented. If it is a complex presentation, it may cause distortions. This is why it is good to capture a paragraph
  6. When you are ready, delete the image within the note leaving the text
  7. Drag the note into Google Docs if required


Came across a useful tip on the internet for say Google Sheets/ Excel or computing:


  1. Add this to a note
  2. Label it
  3. Use a colour code that make sense to you e.g. grey for facts
  4. Add to the note as required e.g. custom number format, function syntax or whatever you find useful

Welcome to a better way :-)

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmund Burke


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