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Mon, Jun 1, 2020 5:00 PM

Creative SFXI AIR


Managed to get the headset working with Chromebook! Works well :-)



Will not consider myself an audiophile. However, I do many teleferences, listen to podcasts for hours each day.



Comes in a neat package and the following was included:

  • Headset
  • Quality USB C charging cable
  • Quality 3.5MM jacks
  • User manual
  • Warranty information

First impressions:

The headset is huge! To be fair, since I'm not an audiophile, generally use cost effective in ear buds, hence the contrast. However, the sound is good with excellent insulation.



Setup was a breeze with a Win10 notebook and Android. Simply press the Bluetooth button for two seconds and voice prompt will say "In pairing mode". Look for Creative SFXI AIR and pair. Similar for Android. The headset successfully paired and works with Chromebook. The recommendation is to install Creative SFXI and AIR control app. Includes an interesting scan of right, left and face to customize the headset. Then allow the profile to be uploaded to headset.


Sound Quality:

Sound quality is good for podcasts. Volume is good for podcasts. For my cheap ear buds, the volume needs to be cranked up quite high (I did say they were cheap). Strangely, volume was quite low for YouTube. Had to crank the volume up quite abit. Really not sure why.



  • Ability to play media via MicroSD
  • Option for wired connection
  • SFXI is cool! When activated for conferencing call it almost sounds like the other partner is sitting infront of you!

Bluetooth Range:

Easily up to 5 meters. The headset was able to maintain connection even when I walked into the kitchen :-). Quite handy for teleconferences and not having to worry about wires. Provides flexibility in being able to stand up and stretch :-).


Battery Life:

Creative says that battery is good for 10 hours. Was able to use it for a full day at work and then put it to charge at the end of the day. To be fair, continuous use was around 4 hours i.e. combination of teleconferences and podcasts. Rest of the time, the headset was on but not in use.



  • Quality insulation and sound
  • Quality 3.5MM and USB C cable
  • If the media output is set to an alternative e.g. speakers instead of the headset and the mic retained on the headset, it is possible to have a teleconference without wearing the headset. This provides relief for long teleconferences. The mic seems to adjust to avoid feedback. Works well :-)


  • It's huge and can be hot and heavy after sometime i.e. long teleconference. To be fair, the size is necessary for the insulation

The Creative SXFI Air is available on, enter STARBUY GO GO GO  promo code  to enjoy $80 off the usual price.

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