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Thu, Sep 23, 2021 8:11 AM

Unable to add StarHub TV+ Android Box to existing TV plan

Hi, I last enquired about being unable to find StarHub TV+ App on Android TV devices. For example on a Sony Android TV Google Playstore. 

You advised that I go rent a StarHub TV+ box. However upon talking to the customer service, they advised me that I am unable to simply add a StarHub android box as I am currently subscribed to the older FiberTv subscription. 

My old-aged parents needs to use the black Tv box with the older remote interface as they are very used to it (having used it for many years). I brought them to a StarHub outlet to try out the new android box remote and they have issues using it. 

I would like to request that you feedback to management to allow existing subscribers to StarHub TV (older plans) to simply rent a StarHub android box. Just so they can have the StarHub TV+ app to screen to another tv in the same household. It is a hassle to cast it from our mobile phones as there is a need use the mobile phone for other purpose.

Alternatively please make StarHub TV+ App available on Android TV Google play store. Do note that singtel TV cast is available on all android TV platform. Meaning smart TV using android system. Android TV play store seems to be slightly difference from android mobile device platform

Please let me know your reply from your management.

Thank you




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1 m ago

Hi @97fairway, please be informed that you need to be subscribed to StarHub TV+ before you can rent a StarHub TV+ Box. 


As you've mentioned that you're parents are not used to the new StarHub TV+ Box, we highly advise that you remain with your current TV service plan instead.


Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding the StarHub TV+ app to be available on Android TV Google Playstore. 

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