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Sat, Sep 11, 2021 10:35 AM

Starhub Basic Tier Group 3 and Starhub TV Plus

Currently I am subscribed to Basic Tier Group 3. I have selected

1. Asian channels Group - particularly because my mother watches KBS World

2. Education Group - because I watch National Geographic and History channels

3. News - because I watch CNN, BBC, CNBC often.

I wanted to know the equivalent package and current pricing if I choose Starhub Plus. 

As on 11 September, HomeHub+ 1G with Entertainment+ or Asian+ is $79.90/month.

So if I subscribe to Entertainment and Asian to get KBS and NatGeo, and with the Starhub + Box, it will be 79.90 + 30 + 5 = $114.90?
This is more expensive than with Basic Tier.


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4 d ago

Hi @seawalker, let me just share that you may continue to enjoy your favourite shows on your existing subscription if you do not wish to switch to the new StarHub TV+. Moreover, on your previous posts, you said that you require a recording function on your Fibre TV set-top box so it is best to remain to your current TV service. 

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