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Thu, Jan 13, 2022 2:13 PM

My Netflix Doesn't Show 4K HDR

I'm on the Homehub+ 1GB plan and recently re-contracted. While the standard Netflix is included, I opted to upgrade to Premium Ultra HD for 4K. But when I'm using the TV+ box to watch Netflix, none of my TV shows or movies is in 4K. For example, for Red Notice, I only see the HD logo next to the show's description but when I use my TV's native Netflix app, I can see that Red Notice is available in 4K HDR.

What is wrong with the Netflix app in the TV+ box? There is no update for the box, I tried rebooting it several times, logged out of the Netflix app and login again, all to no avail and the box still shows Netflix in HD only.

Why is Starhub offering us the upgrade at $4/month but the box doesn't support 4K?

Can anyone help?

Thank you.




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Hi @user_ccc98f,  the StarHub TV+ Box supports Ultra HD (4K) video resolution but is subject to content availability and your available Internet connection speed. Please contact our Customer Service team via Facebook Messenger by clicking the link below as this will require further assistance. Thanks!

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