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Sun, Aug 22, 2021 1:43 AM

Error 2003 cannot be resolved

Hi! My TV has been showing error code 2003 since yesterday and can’t be fixed even after we rebooted it multiple times. Pls help, thanks! Our set-up box ID is GX-SH5301P




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2 m ago

Hi @user_ecd5ab, sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please do help us perform some basic troubleshooting steps below so we can resolve or get to the bottom of the issue with your TV/Broadband.

  1. Unplug and reconnect the LAN cable to your StarHub Fibre TV Box.
  2. Turn OFF the power of the TV, IPTV set-top-box, followed by the Optical Network Terminal.
  3. Ensure all your cables are properly connected and secured.

    • Fibre patch chord (yellow cable connecting Termination Point and Optical Network Terminal)
    • LAN cable (cable connecting Optical Network Terminal to TV)
  4. Wait for 1 minute. Turn ON the power of the Optical Network Terminal and ensure that the LED lights are green and steady. Then Turn on the Set-Top Box and wait for the LED lights to be stable. Last but not least, turn on your TV.

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