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Mon, Nov 22, 2021 2:18 AM

Illegal Use of Starhub registered handphone number

I received a call from +6585287236. My hp blocked it. So I called in with my caller ID blocked home phone. The response was 'the starhub number you have called is not in service'  So someone is illegally using that number. Strangely this call came after i enquired about starhub late last week. I wanted to subscribe to fibre and TV as a new customer. Request your company to investigate please?




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15 d ago

Hi @user_356549, we highly advise that you relay this incident to our feedback form, so we can further look into it. Moreover, we would like to thank you for sharing this incident here in the Community as this will help other customers to be aware of this. 




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11 d ago

You probably got called by one of those overseas scam numbers, just block the number, these numbers are software generated and my not belong to any telcos here

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