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Mon, Dec 3, 2018 11:00 PM

Don't be a victim of scam / phishing sites and emails! Share this with your loved ones!

Alert! New scam on Viber! We have updated this article to include the latest Viber scam.


You were surfing around on the Internet and suddenly, a pop up or page appears telling you that StarHub (or insert familiar brand here) has chosen you to be a "lucky" winner for a special prize. But wait! Isn't that too good to be true? Can you win a prize in a contest you never took part in? Especially for prizes of such high value? 


Today, we're going to talk about such phishing / scam sites and how to avoid becoming a victim. If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you'd already know to be wary of such sites. It is much more important that new Internet users (e.g. children, teenagers and the elderly) are properly educated on safe Internet usage by their loved ones so that they do not become victims themselves. 


How do I recognise phishing / scam sites and emails? 

Some tell-tale signs include (but not limited to):

  • unexpectedly winning a contest you never took part in
  • website address does not originate from the domain "" 
  • offers / gifts / prizes that are too good to be true 
  • creates false sense of urgency to pressure you to act quickly without spending time to think about it (usually there will be a fake timers counting down)
  • source is not from any of StarHub's official channels such as corporate website, social media channels, etc 
  • being asked to provide some information and you don't feel comfortable with doing so

Sample of phishing site




What should I do if I see one?

Simplest thing is to leave the site immediately without providing any information or clicking any links in there. If you have some time, we encourage you to report it to us via Facebook Messenger ( by providing us with the full URL, screenshot (in case it gets taken down before we can check the link) as well as the circumstances that led you to land on that site. 


What are some of the official StarHub digital & social channels?

Social Media pages (Beware of fake ones too!)


Official Websites:


New Viber Scam

Did you receive a Viber call or message claiming to be from StarHub? That's not us! Do not reveal any information or do anything they say. Just hang up, report the number to Viber and block it. 



Practise safe browsing

While some tips may seem extreme, it is still good to know what it takes to stay safe during web surfing


  • Enable phishing and malware protection in browser
  • Do not sync your email account with websites (they can steal all your contacts)
  • Turn off Autocomplete and saving of password
  • Block pop-ups
  • Only allow cookies from trusted sites, block any third-party cookies
  • Clear browsing history automatically
  • Keep your browser updated
  • Do not use same password for all critical online accounts
  • Avoid free questionable public wireless networks
  • Use real-time scanning antivirus


What if I have any doubts?

Reach out to us on any of the social media channels above and we will more than happy to help! 



Some of these scams / phishing sites may look silly or obvious that they are genuine but new Internet users may not be able to tell the difference. Protect your loved ones by teaching them how to avoid becoming a victim! 


Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub :)

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