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Wed, Aug 28, 2019 9:00 AM

Waiver data roaming charged


I would like to request for waiver of data roaming charged. I've listen for quite many terrible charge because of 'accidentally' activate of data roaming. Therefore, I've never activate my data roaming until I purchased Data Travel Asia Pacific Roaming Data.


I thought it will be inactivated automatically after the package is expiry. BUTTT I never realize it keep activating until the release of the phone bill!!!


I went to Malaysia 3 times in AUG. My phone is a dual-sim phone and I'll switch to Malaysia sim card whenever I passed the Singapore custom. But UNFORTUNATELY 1mb has been charged every single time before I switch the sim card and it costs me $19 for only 1mb (p/s: The data can't even run at that time so it must be no Starhub line at that area so only I change the sim card, but why still 1mb has been charged?).


It is super duper terribly expensive. I hope you could revise my bill based on the situation that I've mentioned above.


Thanks & Best regards,



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2 years ago

Hi ewechinxian,


Thanks for contacting us.


As this requires us to refer to your account details, we are unable to assist you here on StarHub Community.

Please direct your query over to Facebook messenger ( or

Twitter Direct Message ( so that we can log a case for you and respond to you there.


Thank you!



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