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Sun, Sep 1, 2019 12:00 AM

Starhub prepaid $32 Internet SIM



$32 Internet SIM

Ideal for tablets and WiFi devices

- 2GB roaming data* daily for 15 days


After I got the sim card from the Changi Airport:

- do I need to activate the plan?

- if so, after activation, is there any more money inside?

- if I had used up the day 2GB data, is there any method to have more data for the day?



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a year ago

Hi yhw22,  the Prepaid SIM Card is activated upon collection. It's recommended that you download the Happy Prepaid App to keep better track of your balances. This will allow you to see when you need to top up as well.


Thank you. -Giselle

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a year ago

I had purchased the prepaid $32 internet SIM from Changi airport before my travel to UK on 25th Sep 2019.In the UOB exchange itself,the lady at the counter activated my SIM and I recieved the message from Starhub,saying your 15days plan is activated. (the messge time-24th Sep Tuesday 11:21 PM).On very next day ,when I touched down at UK Heathrow airport, received the message ,saying your roaming service is currently unavailable as your main balance is below $3.(message time - 25 Sep Wednesday 10:46 AM). Interestingly I was in the plane during this period ,as per the time mentioned in the message. 

As per my understanding from the website,before I order the card online is,2GB/day is available for 15 days.I couldn't use this card for my whole trip and I just wasted $32 !!!!

Do not buy this card and it is PURE CHEATING



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a year ago

Hi KG8, thanks for contacting us. As this requires us to refer to your account details, we are unable to assist you here on StarHub Community. Please direct your query over to Facebook messenger ( or Twitter Direct Message ( so that we can log a case for you and respond to you there. Thank you!

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a year ago

Can someone plz help...? My number is [Removed due to personal particulars]


I bought the $32 internet SIM on 5Oct, data was working in Singapore. 


Reached Hong Kong late in the day and NO data. Recharged with $25 and data started working.


Reached San Francisco late night, data NOT working again, recharged for $16 still NOT working.


I tried restarting, APN is correct. Not working. I feel cheated by Starhub. 

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