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Mon, Mar 12, 2018 7:00 PM

Roaming charge on incoming calls


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3 years ago

Hello everyone,


I just realised I got charged for a few calls while travelling and I'm pretty sure these calls were diverted to voice mail. Does someone know whether we do get charged for this?


$5 for each missed call adds up!





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3 years ago

Hi @ Johahn


Diverted calls do indeed get charged for roaming usage when overseas. This will differ depending on the country you're roaming in.


Do consider taking up Local Missed Call Alerts instead. 

- Amy

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3 years ago

pls deactivate voice mail n missed call alert....


Voicemail: when ppl call u n divert to ur voicemail, they happily record their msg n the airtime is considered outgoing local/roam airtime incurred under ur bill...


Mechanics: local sg caller calling u > divert to voicemail > u're overseas > call divert to overseas voicemail > outgoing roam airtime incurred


Missed call alert: ppl call u but u nvr pick up n let it ring. Afterwards, u recd free sms alert but charged for incoming roam airtime ( <30 secs) for the ringing....


Mechanics: local sg caller calling u > overseas ring tone abt 30 secs or shorter if they hang up> automatic msg "Starhub sub is not available ..... " > incoming roam airtime incurred

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2 years ago

@Amy_Law could you please confirm what @hapibear mentioned?  This seems to contridict your suggestion a bit.


Would really like to find out as we may be subscribing to a postpaid plan and would be using the SIM while overseas.


Thanks in advance.

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2 years ago

Been a Starhub user for many years. Got a shock when I received my bill for making a local Thailand call while in Thailand. So I looked up on the roaming charges.


Apparently, Starhub amended roaming rates. Incoming overseas call used to be FOC for majority of the countries. It was suppose to follow the charging of the service provider you are connected to. Now, it’s chargeable and I think for Roaming VAS subscribers, it’s rather atrocious, i.e. $2.80/min!


Similarly, making local calls overseas has become ridiculously expensive too. From a few cents per minute (charged by overseas operator) before the change, it’s now $1.40/minute!


This is what we have to pay even after paying for roaming subscription. It is even more expensive than if we have to use pay-as-you-roam previously.


I’m going to check other Telcos, if only Starhub works this way, I’m going to switch. Hubclub is not even that attractive anymore with the early recontract charges.


*Just took a look at other Telcos, their charging is similar. Telcos milking all users. Nothing much we can do. Buy local SIM to use.


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2 years ago

Hi huixin212


I am sorry about your experience. We do adjust our rates from time to time. Do be advised to check out the service right before you use them as the details may be updated.


Do review your options when travelling. Once again, my sincere apologies on the inconvenience caused.


- Jackson

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2 years ago

Hi hstourist


Apologies for the super late response.


Please allow me to clarify that Missed Call Alerts (MCA) is indeed a free service, as long as you do not answer the call while roaming.


Hopes this clarifies.


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