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Sun, Mar 15, 2020 9:00 PM

Overcharged roaming



Last month i was in the Thailand Bangkok and i had to call my the service center of my airlines in singapore because my flight have been cancelled therefore i had to make a international call to check my flight.However in the longer call, i was put on hold from my airlines company for close to 1 hour because they did not have a staff to attend to me. I am willing to pay for the amount of time i actually talked to a service staff from the airline company instead of having to pay for being put on hold.


I understand starhub charges accordingly but i would really appreciate it if starhub can help to rectify this problem, even if it is required to check with my airlines company, and waive off the time that i was on hold.


I did call the starhub hotline earlier today but the service staff told me that she did not know the content of the call therefore she was unable to do anything. So what content is required to qualify for a waiver???





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2 y ago

Hi @Windfarn0603, please reach out to our Customer Care Support team on either Facebook or Twitter as they need to check your account details to further assist you. Apologies, since I don't have access to your account here. 

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