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Tue, Jan 1, 2019 5:00 AM

How to turn on only sms oversea for OTP ibanking?

I will be on overseas in few days and I want to know how to turn on only sms. I saw when some ppl turn on roaming, they also have to pay for missed call. I also see post that need to turn off some service after data roaming is on so that starthub won’t charge for missed call. I want to know if there is option to only turn on the SMS so I don’t need to do extra steps. Thank you in advance.



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2 y ago

Just activate Pay-as-you-roam. There is no monthly charge or fee for activating that and you will receive SMS without any charge.


check more details here


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2 y ago

Hi Sarahsu, are you inquiring on prepaid or postpaid mobile? Please PM us your registered customer name, registered mobile number, Hub ID / email address via this link, 

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I have a mobile phone account with Starhub. I like to know if I can receive OTP for iBanking when I am in overseas without subscribing travel data plan




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Hi @linc360, yes, as long as roaming service is activated. But to avoid incurring data roaming charges you would need to turn OFF "Mobile Data" and "Data when roaming" on your phone.

~ Carla



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