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Fri, Jan 31, 2020 5:00 AM

Exhorbitant overseas data charges.

Hi. Recently my dad went on an holiday trip which he subscriped to the 2GB datatravel Global package. Unknowingly to him, he didnt realise that some of the countries isnt covered in the "global" data, and he exceeded the data usage by a mere 200+mb which incurred an exhorbitant price that gave him a shock! Although SMSes were sent to notify about his excess usage, he didnt notice the sms as he was constantly travelling around rural places and network was choppy and by the time the smses came through it all came at once and it was too late for him to react. 


I have contacted your customer service officers a couple of times and I do find that I am always getting stock answers, and even as much sympathy they have with my situation there is nothing much they could do about it, even thou I was given a $150 rebate and pay by instalment. However I wish that there is more could be done as this is not a small amount as I do not want my retired father to be burden by this extra cost. 


I really wish to speak to someone who can understand my situation and could work on something about this.





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9 months ago

Hi @Leeth87, I'm very sorry for this unexpected charges. I highly suggest that you please contact our Customer Care Support team on Facebook or Twitter for further assistance. Apologies since we've stopped processing account-related matters here. 



~ Carla



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