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Sun, Dec 30, 2018 6:00 PM

Data Roaming in Thailand

Good morning, Please help me. I can't get the Data on my simcard. It was working last 15 days ago here in thailand, since I'm a seafarer, I go to another country every other day, Please help me how can I get my Data Roaming working again here in Thailand, 1.I did the restart of the phone(android) 2. Turning on and off Data and Data Roaming. Anything else you can advise me to troubleshoot this issue? fyi. All my colleagues suffering from this issue. it's not only me, most of crew members here in our ship. Smiley Happy Thank you . Mobile No.: [Moderator Notes: removed to safeguard your privacy]



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2 years ago

Hi jdimaguipo


Thank you for waiting. Does reinstalling the Prepaid APN using the Happy Prepaid App, restarting your handset or placing your SIM Card in another handset help resolve this issue?


If this doesn't work, please contact our Prepaid hotline at +65 9850 0000 or write in via our > Online Feedback Form < where our colleagues will provide you with dedicated assistance.


- Amy

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