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Tue, Sep 11, 2018 11:00 PM

Activate roaming overseas



I forgot to activate my data roaming in Singapore.


Now i'm overseas, and there is not network identified : "No Service".


i've subscribed to the 1GB data roaming plan, pay as you go through the Starhub app, however i cannot start data roaming.


Please advise what can i do now?





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2 years ago

Hi chuaYN,


You are able to activate roaming services via the app if you are able to get an internet connection. Alternatively, do provide me with your details (Registered Name, Registered Mobile Number and Hub ID/Email Address) via PM and i'll arrange for assistance. - Han


Click here ---> PM Me Here

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2 years ago


I activated the overseas roaming once I arrived in China but it isinot working.  I can see from my starhub app it's activated but iIcannot access any data . Please could you assist. 


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2 years ago

Hi douglasthai


I apologize for the late response. The more common reason for being unable to activate roaming overseas is due to lack of minimum balance of $3.


You may wish to go through the FAQ to see if you have missed out anything at


If that doesn't help and you're still experiencing issues as of now after switching off and on the phone, or if you have tried your SIM card on another phone, please drop me a PM with your registered name and registered mobile number by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message <  for me to arrange for assistance. 


For immediate assistance, you may wish to call +65 9850 0000 instead. Hope this helps.


- Jackson

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