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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 8:19 AM

Unable to complete NumberShare subscription? Read this!

Unable to complete NumberShare subscription? Read this!


Are you trying to subscribe to NumberShare? First, make sure you are eligible to the service if you have the following:


·         iOS 12.2 for Watch OS 5.2, iOS 13 for watchOS 6.0, Android 6.0

·         Only StarHub Postpaid 4G and Mobile+ plans are eligible.

·         Must have HD-Voice Plus

·         Cannot have Multi-SIM

·         1 Mobile Line can subscribe to 1 VAS only

·         Flight mode must be disabled on watch and handset

·         Galaxy Wearable (Samsung) app and watch app (Apple) must be installed.

·         SMS not supported on Apple Watch, only iMessage supported

·         Samsung Account required for SMS support on Samsung/Non-Samsung Android


If you’re eligible you may follow our step by step guide to set up NumberShare for AppleWatch and Samsung Galaxy Watch.


In case, you encounter an error message while setting-up to NumberShare. Fret not, find out the reason behind the error and what you need to do in the table below.



Error Message What you need to do
Ooops! Your mobile plan is not compatible with NumberShare. You need to change to a 4G mobile plan before you can subscribe to NumberShare.  You need to change/switch to an eligible 4G and Mobile+ plan before subscribing to NumberShare.
We are unable to process your NumberShare subscription because you have an active Multi-SIM subscription. To sign-up for NumberShare on this mobile line, you will first need to unsubscribe from your current Multi-SIM subscription via My StarHub App. You need to modify your Value-Added Service before subscribing to NumberShare. 
It seems we are still in the process of fulfilling previous requests on your mobile number. Please check back later. If you had subscribed and terminated NumberShare within 24 hours, please retry after 24 hours.
Ooops! This mobile line is subscribed under your company’s name. Please contact your company’s Authorised Officer for approval.  You need to contact your company’s Authorised Officer for approval.
Ooops! You have already subscribed to NumberShare service. You are unable to sign-up to more than 1 NumberShare service on each mobile line. For a change of watch, you need to unsubscribe from NumberShare via My StarHub App before you can subscribe on your new watch. Please wait for the successful deactivation SMS before subscribing.  Did you receive the successful deactivation SMS? If not, please wait for the SMS and retry again. 


If the issue still persists, please contact our Customer Care Support Team via Facebook Messenger for further technical assistance.



~ Carla



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