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Mon, Dec 28, 2020 6:00 AM

Two Simple Ways of Adding StarHub TV+ Passes

Two Simple Ways of Adding StarHub TV+ Passes

There are two simple ways to add more StarHub TV+ Passes available from $15 per month onwards on top of your existing StarHub TV+ Pass(es).


How to add StarHub TV+ Pass(es) using your remote?

  • Go to any channel of your choice, press the OK button on your remote control to subscribe.

For example, to subscribe to the Sports+ Pass, simply go to any Sports channel (e.g. Hub Sports 1 Channel 201) and press the OK button to subscribe.

  • Or you could, press the STORE button on your remote control and browse the available StarHub TV+ Passes to subscribe.

However, if you are subscribed to StarHub TV+ without a box, you may log in to My StarHub App to manage your subscription.


How to add StarHub TV+ Pass(es) via My StarHub App?


STEP 1: Log-in to My StarHub App using your Hub iD.

STEP 2: In TV Tab, click “Modify.”


STEP 3: Add and remove pass accordingly and click “Next”.


STEP 4: Click “Submit.”



Voila, you can now enjoy more channels on your StarHub TV+!



~ Carla



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