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Sun, Apr 7, 2013 12:00 PM

Telescope Magazine (Tablet)

1.    What is Telescope Magazine?

Telescope Magazine is the digital version of our print Telescope. The essential guide to StarHub’s monthly cable TV programming has gone digital!  Essentially, the content is similar to the print, but there maybe additional content on the digital version that is not on print.


2.    Who can use Telescope Magazine (Digital) and how can I access it?

The application is available for download from Apple’s Singapore Appstore and Google Play Store. However, you will need a working Wifi or mobile data access the first time you want to download a magazine issue. If the issue has been downloaded, no data connection is required to view the magazine but data connection may still be required for videos.  Besides StarHub customers, SingTel and M1 customers can also download the application.


3.    Do I need to pay to download Telescope Magazine (Digital)?

The Telescope Magazine (Digital) magazine application is available as a free download from Apple’s Appstore and Google Play. However, after you download the app, you will need to download the magazines.  Each issue is payable at SGD1.28. 


4.    If I am a print subscriber, do I still have to pay for access?

Jan – June 2013 issues are free for download to everyone.

From July onwards, current print subscribers can download the magazine issues for free by entering certain particulars (to be determined later, for identification) into the app. 


5.    How else can I download the magazine issues for free?

From July 2013, Hub Club and Platinum customers will also be able to download the issues for free, regardless whether they are print subscribers.  They will also need to enter specific particulars and the issues will be made available at no cost.


6.    How do I know if a program highlight has an accompanying video?

On the highlight page, look out for a “Tap to view trailer” icon on the highlights image. That indicates that you can click on it and a video will subsequently play.


7.    Do I need to pay GPRS charges when accessing Telescope Magazine (Digital)?

Yes, GPRS charges will apply. Additionally, usual roaming GPRS charges will apply when the service is used overseas.  Alternatively, you can connect to a Wifi network so as not to incur data charges.  If however, you have earlier fully downloaded the issue(s) to your device, you will not need data connection when reading the magazine.  Some videos will however, still need data connection.


8.    How can I access Telescope Magazine (Digital)?

To access, simply search for “Telescope Magazine” from the Apple Appstore or Google Play.  The magazine is also available from the Apple Newstand Store. After the app is downloaded (free), you will need to download individual issues to your device before you can start reading.


9.    What platforms can I download the Telescope Magazine (Digital) on?  

Telescope Magazine (Digital) is available for iPad (and iPad Mini) and Android tablet devices.


10. What are the Android tablets that are supported?

Generally, most Android tablets above 7 inches in size are supported.  However, due to platform limitations, the magazine is flat (i.e. non interactive) and zoom is not yet supported for Android devices.  As such, we recommend viewing the issues with at least a 10 inch Android tablet.


11. Can I view the magazines on mobile phones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or Note?

No, mobile phones (even those as large as 5 inches) are not supported.


12. I see interactive features on the iPad version, but none on the Android version. Why is this so?

The software on which the application is developed on currently provides limited support for interactive features.  The android version will be enhanced to support interactive features from Q3, 2013.


13. Can I access this using a prepaid SIM on my device?

Yes, you can. However, the usual data charge applies when downloading the app and the issue(s) within the app.


14. Why do I sometimes see some advertisements appearing in the application?

As with any other magazines, Telescope Magazine (Digital) may include some advertisements, so you will see some ads from time to time.

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