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StarHub ePayment Service


  1. What is StarHub ePayment service?
    StarHub ePayment service is our electronic payment platform for StarHub post paid bills.
  2. What payments can be made using this service?
    Users can pay for their StarHub post paid bills, including StarHub Mobile, StarHub TV, Broadband, Digital Voice Home and iMail services.
  3. Will I be charged if to use StarHub ePayment service?
    StarHub ePayment service is a free service. However, data roaming fees and other Internet-related fees still apply when you are travelling out of Singapore.
  4. Which web browser best supports the StarHub ePayment service?
    StarHub ePayment’s full standard website is best viewed in Internet Explorer 8.0 and Chrome while the mobile site is best viewed in Safari and Chrome.
  5. What is the difference between Login and Non-Login ePayment service?
    For Login ePayment service, a user must be a registered Hub iD member who has access to StarHub My Account Manager. Upon successfully logging in from the main StarHub ePayment page with the registered Hub iD, the StarHub customer’s active StarHub Account Numbers and the relevant details registered under his or her NRIC/FIN number will be auto-populated for ease of payment.  For Non-Login ePayment service, users are required to manually enter the StarHub Account Number(s) and the payment details when making payment.
  6. What if I don't have a Hub iD?
    You can register for a Hub iD by clicking on the 'Sign Up' on StarHub's main ePayment page. For further details on Hub iD, please visit
  7. What are the available payment modes for StarHub ePayment service?
    Currently, we accept Singapore-issued VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards and eNETS direct debit.
  8. Is it safe to pay bills on StarHub ePayment platform?
    Our payment gateway adheres to strict security procedures for the storage of information and the prevention of unauthorized access.
  9. What is the minimum payment amount I need to pay through StarHub ePayment service in a single transaction?
    A minimum payment amount of S$0.10 is required for credit card transactions while S$20.00 is required for eNETS direct debit transactions.
  10. Can I make partial payment(s) for my StarHub bills?
    You may indicate the amount you wish to pay for via StarHub ePayment service.
  11. Can I schedule my payment for a later date or on future recurring basis?
    StarHub ePayment is intended for immediate online payment for each transaction request.
  12. After how many days upon successful payment will my nominated StarHub Account No. be updated?
    Payments made will be updated in our system within two days. Should you have any enquiry related to the fund deduction from your Card/Bank account, please contact your Card Issuer or Bank or check your account statement.
  13. How do I check my ePayment transaction history if I'm using Login ePayment service?
    Registered StarHub Hub iD members who have access to My Account Manager can log on using their Hub iD and look for 'Transaction History' in My Account Manager.
  14. How do I check the status of my payment if I'm using Non-Login ePayment service?
    When the payment is successful, you will see a "SUCCESSFUL" message on the Transaction Status page. At the same time a SMS or Email notification will be sent to the nominated mobile number or email address provided for the respective payment transaction.

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